Standard Products

ABOUT Standard Products

Standard Products is a brand of everyday goods that values basic and sophisticated designs. It creates products with a philosophy of “A little nice, goes the extra mile”. It dictates that all individuals can enjoy better quality, better value, and better comfort, for a well-deserved lifestyle for ourselves.

In Standard Products, we focus on environmentally friendly product developments and collaborations with Japan’s domestic industries. Most of our products such as living interior items, tableware and fashion accessories are original products. We also have collaborations with domestic kitchen knife manufacturers in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture.
Seki City is the world’s three largest major production areas for kitchen knives. It is known as the city for making knife’s blades where it introduces remarkable knife making technology that has continued for more than 800 years. With all these collaborations we have, we are able to provide safe, secure and high quality products to our customers.

Not only for the products we offer, we also aim to create stores that are conscious of environmental issues. Our shelvings, furniture and decorations in the store are made of sustainable environmentally friendly materials. We have approximately 1,200 products available in our store, and aim to provide 100 new products every month to cater to the needs of our customers.