Storage Solutions For The Modern Home 🏠

Storage Solutions For The Modern Home 🏠

Organise your space with ease!


Collecting figurines can be tough especially when you want what’s best for them <3 This is why you should check out our collection cases specifically made for displaying your figurines! Our durable collection cases will ensure maximum protection from any potential accidents💪

Product Code for 🔍 Collection Case

4970404909116 – Collection Case – Mini

4984343354876 – Collection Box Arch


In need of storage boxes that serves both its purpose and a home decor item? Well, our wire fabric storage is the solution✨ The wire & fabric material will spice things up in your living room without being overwhelming <3

Product Code for 🔍 Fabric Storage

4550480064154 – Wire Fabric Storage (Grey)

4550480064147 – Wire Fabric Storage (Black)


We hope that when you think of orgnaising, you’ll think of DAISO🩷…because where else can you find such a huge selection of storage boxes!! These mint and navy storage boxes are both colourful, foldable and customisable!

Product Code for 🔍 Storage Box

4550480438207 – Storage Box With Partitions – Mint

4550480438184 – Storage Box With Partitions – Navy


Not one, not two, but THREE drawers😱 Time for you to check out our drawer case! This case can store stationeries, accessories or cosmetic product etc. Thanks to its size, you can also place it on your desk for extra convenience and accessibility!

Product Code for 🔍 Drawer Case

4549131728583 – Three Drawers Case (Clear Black) 


Are you gonna let your missing eyebrow pencil make you late? Not on our watch🕶️ Here is our very own cosmetic cases that will be the solution to your problem! These cases will make finding your makeup products as easy as ABC~ What are you waiting for?⌚

Product Code for 🔍 Cosmetic Case

4549131925647 – Clear Beauty Product Organizer – With Shallow Partitions

4549131925654 – Clear Beauty Product Organizer – Deep

4549131912296 – Beauty Product Stand – Slim – Makeup Palette


Introducing our big and sturdy R30 storage boxes! It has bulit-in handles and a lid. The best part? It is modern and will blend in perfectly with any home interior🥰

Product Code for 🔍 R30 Box

4550480065939 – R30 Box (26Cm x 18Cm x 16Cm)

4550480065892 – R30 Box (36.5Cm x 26Cm x 16Cm)