Get Crafty With Daiso’s Handicraft Products!

Get Crafty With Daiso’s Handicraft Products!

Time to get crafty with our handicraft products ~


We’ve got you covered with a wide range of decorative items for your handicraft sessions🎨 They come in many different colours and the best part is that they have their very own containers for easy storage!

Product Code for 🔍 Beads for Handicraft

4549892096594 – Decorative Part – With Case 

4549892096242 – Beads – For Handicrafts – With Case 

4549892096587 – Sequin – With Case – Heart – Diamond Shaped

4549892096587 – Sequin – With Case – Star – Heart – Diamond Shaped


Our cases are not just another regular organising container, they are a space-saver!! They come in multiple different shapes, sizes and compartments for you to choose from🤩

Product Code for 🔍 Beads Case

4550480175829 – Parts Case – 2 Compartments 

4550480175812 – Parts Case – 6 Compartments 

4550480064215 – Bead Accessories Case – 8 Compartments 

4550480064376 – Bead Accessories Case – 12 Compartments


Still using normal scissors✂️ for your craft sessions? Wait no more! Introducing our special craft scissors that comes with a built-in ruler! The perfect tool for fabric or rope cutting!

Product Code for 🔍 Craft Scissors

4550480183442 – Mini Craft Scissors With Ruler 

4991203155931 – Mini Handicraft Scissors


🚨Attention to all hobbyist out there🚨 Time for you to stop by Daiso and check out our pastel-coloured crochet hooks available in different sizes!

Product Code for 🔍 Crochet Hook

4550480203775 – Crochet Hook – 3.0mm – 0.11in 

4550480203744 – Crochet Hook – 5.0mm – 0.19in 

4549131637519 – Crochet Hook – 0.07in


Doing crafts but afraid that your pet will miss out? Say no more~ Check out our craft kit headpiece for pets😸 DIY according to our instructions, place it on your pet and voila!

Product Code for 🔍 Craft Kit

4549131760958 – DIY Handmade Headpiece Craft Kit (Crown & Ribbon Bow Tie)

4549131760941 – DIY Handmade Headpiece Craft Kit (Japanese Orange & Segment)


Tweezers are one of the must-have tools when it comes to handicrafts~ Check out our wide range of tweezers😱 From round tip…to straight tip…to thin tip, Daiso has them all!

Product Code for 🔍 Tweezer

4550480164847 – Tweezers – Thin Tip 

4994163287711 – Tweezer – Curved – 124Mm – 4.9In 

4994163287704 – Tweezer – Straight – 126Mm – 5In