Spring Cleaning for Chinese New Year! 🏮

Spring Cleaning for Chinese New Year! 🏮

🧽🧹 Spring Cleaning for Chinese New Year! 🏮


Our household products has all the cleaning solution for you; 

For kitchen, living, bathroom! 

Check out Daiso range of household products now! 



   1.    Wet Wipes – For kitchen, living or bathroom! ✨




Find the perfect cleaning wipes for your house today! We have various wipes available, for wiping down kitchen surfaces,

appliances, furnitures and more. Keep your house spotless and ready for guests for the Chinese New Year!


 Product Code for 🔍Wet Wipes 

4550480310824 – Wet Wipes 22 Sheets 

4550480310916 – Wet Wipes 50 Sheets 

4550480322230 – Wet Wipes 20 Sheets


   2.    Handy Mop – Go away dust! Shoo shoo. 🧹




Dust away with our handy mop! These fluffy fiber duster easily and conveniently fit into tight

spaces and absorbs microscopic dust. Making cleaning a breeze! Replacements are available too, comes in 2 pieces!


 Product Code for 🔍Handy Mop 

4560179904586 – Brush 

4550480322339 – Replacement


   3.    Ochiochi V Series – Best selling! Never disappoints us! 🤩 




Check out our Ochiochi V series! From wipes, spray, powder and refill! Enjoy your cleaning journey with these different types of Ochiochi V series you will find in Daiso for different purposes! Now you’re ready to make your house sparkle!


 Product Code for 🔍Ochiochi V Series 

4549131892246 – Wipes 

4550480169767 – Ochiochi Citric Acid 

4549131875812 – Ochiochi Citric Acid Refill 

4549131540680 – Household Cleaner Spray


   4.    Cream Cleanser – Removes stubborn stains! 💫




 Stubborn stains on your stove? We have the solution for you! Get our cream cleanser and easily rinse out stains and cloudy sinks!

Gives you the ultimate shine and new look again! We have the original cleanser and lemon scented!


 Product Code for 🔍Cream Cleanser 

4549131899566 – Cream Cleanser – 400G – 14.1Oz- 

4549131899849 – Lemon Cleanser – 400G – 14.1Oz-


   5.    Toilet Cleaner – Variety of choices for you! 👍🏻😃




Varieties of bathroom cleaner solution available in Daiso! Everything you may need is here! Scrub, toilet stamp, cleanser, gloves and many more!

It’s a one stop solution for your worries! Your guests gets to enjoy a comfortable bathroom experience too~


 Product Code for 🔍Toilet Cleaner 

4549131024661 – Reheating Bathtub and Toiletries Cleaner 4549131024654 – Baking Soda Cleanser 

4550480322247 – Flushable Toilet Sheets 

4979909956427 – Polythene Gloves 

4549131713619 – Toilet Stamp 

4984343992283 – Toilet Brush


   6.    Lint Roller – Capture lint, hair, dust! The easiest way! ✅




Our lint roller refill comes in 50 sheets, easily removes fur hair, dust and lint from floors, furniture and carpets! It’s one of the fastest and easiest way to make your carpets look clean and presentable for your guests!


 Product Code for 🔍Lint Roller 

4549131584448 – Lint Roller 

4550480310749 – Lint Roller Refill 

4550480310794 – Lint Roller Refill


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