New Year Decoration for your House!

New Year Decoration for your House!

New Year Interior Items For You! 

Our seasonal New Year living accessories you can decorate 

for your homes! Let’s welcome the new year with a fresh look! 



   1.    Lion Dance Miniature – Set up a New Year’s corner!



Decorate your home with our selection of Daiso interior products! Get adorable and joyful

miniatures to decorate your living room’s tiny nook! It will undoubtedly be the main attraction when guest arrive!


Product Code for 🔍Lion Dance Figurines 

4549131425918 – Lion Dance Doll Stand 

4990480103228 – Orange 

4550480068237 – Cotton Towel 

4550480186207 – New Year 2 Pc Set


   2.    Wall Hanging Flower Vase – Plenty of New Year’s flowers! 



With so many different flowers and vases to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

A variety of colorful, patterned, and more flowers and vases! A fresh look for your lovely house this new year!


Product Code for  🔍Vase and Flowers 

4550480020433 – Wall Decoration Flower Vase -Round-

4550480180274 – Welcoming The New Year Arranged Bush

4997642154627 – Flower Ball Mix Mum 

4550480180250 – Arranged Pot


   3.    Feng Shui Piggy Bank – Yellow is a lucky colour! 



Let’s start a positive money saving habit for the new year! Get our Feng Shui Blessing piggy bank in Daiso today!

Yellow is a colour that brings good luck! Got to have em!


Product Code for 🔍Piggy Bank 

4560219035119 – Design Piggy Banks 

4550480185743 – New Year Green Ball


   4.    New Year Tapestry – Simply hang it on your walls! 



A tapestry decoration for your home for the New Year! Comes in 2 distinct colors and designs!

It’s as easy as hanging it on the wall of your living room or door to create a lovely yet modest decoration.


Product Code for 🔍Tapestry 

4550480185972 – Tapestry – New Year – NATURAL 

4997642137927 – New Year Cloth Wall Hanging 

4550480186207 – New Year Pick (2 Pc Set)


   5.    Kagami Mochi Decoration – To bless the New Year! 



A delightful kagami mochi ornament to welcome the new year!

A nice and meaningful decoration that will look stunning in your home!


Product Code for 🔍Decoration 

4550480185910 – Rice Cake Decoration 

4550480185729 – New Year Ornament 

4550480385921 – Placemat


   6.    Photo Frames – Frame your precious memories with loved ones! 



A wide selection of photo frames in different sizes and styles is available in Daiso! Display and keep those priceless moments you have shared with family and friends! Depending on your preference, we have both photo frames with stands and wall hangings!


Product Code for 🔍Photo Frames 

4968583228982 – Photo frame gold L size PF-56 

4549131669763 – Photo Frame -Wood Grain – Golden – Standard