Back To School! Here’s what you need to get!

Back To School! Here’s what you need to get!

Back to School Items You Should Check Out! 🏫

Plenty of school essentials available! Keep your desk organized 

and ready for learning at all times! One step at a time, everyone! 🌟



   1.    Assemble Type – Pen Stand – Keeping it organized!


Keep your desktop organized with these assemble-type stationery holder. It has 3 tiers of partition and you can change

the height of the partition to suit your needs too! A convenient way for maintaining, keeping, and arranging stationery and supplies.


Product Code for  🔍Collect Pen Stand 

4905687351604 – Pen Stand


   2.     Easily Bind File Clip – Perfect for loose leaf too!


Your perfect stationery tools! Organize documents and loose leaf. A one-touch clip set that is convenient for sorting;

5 different colors allow you to separate subjects and contents~ Easily bind documents together with ease!


Product Code for 🔍File Clip 2 Holes 

4984355165019 – File Clip 2 Holes Pack Of 5


   3.    Beetle Tip Dual Colour – 2 in 1! Useful and convenient!


Making your writing stand out is easy with the dual-color highlighter. It is a single pen with gentle orange and blue tips,

making your handwriting vibrant and fun-looking!


Product Code for 🔍Highlighter 

4901480313917 – Beetle Tip Dual Color – Soft Orange & Blue

   4.    Tape Sticky Note – Easily take down notes with these!


Put some color and brightness on your labels and notes! Simple-to-use tape sticky notes are available in two rolls and in pastel hues.

A fun and convenient way for labeling and pasting notes.


Product Code for  🔍Tape Sticky Note 

4991203182920 – Tape sticky note pastel assort – 2 Roll

   5.    A6 Pocket Book – Perfect for on-the-go type of person!


Make note-taking more convenient with an A6 pocket notebook! Available in red, yellow, and blue colours.

A must-have item for anyone who is constantly on the go! It has a sleeve pocket on the cover page for

any other important notes you’d want to set aside!


Product Code for 🔍 A6 Notebook 

4954939024858 – A6 Pocket Notebook – 60sheet


   6.    Colour Pencil Stand – Simple way to organize color pencils!


Simple way to organize a set of colour pencils~ Looks minimalistic. You can leave this colour pencil holder out and not have to

worry about the pencils being all over the place. It give you easy access to each pencil!


Product Code for 🔍Color Pencil Stand 

4906137332518 – Color Pencil Stand