Let’s Go On A Short Staycation!

Let’s Go On A Short Staycation!

  We deserve a little break from time to time! 

There’s always time to reboot – recharge – unwind.🔋

Get all your staycay needs here in Daiso, from apparels, travel bottles, fun toys and more! 🏖️



1.  Scarf 


Grab Daiso scarves with a variety of designs and lengths available in store! Keeping you warm and cuddly throughout your trip!

Beautiful design that can be simply matched with your overall outfit! Take a pic of your OOTD with our apparel! 🧣📸



Product Codes for Scarf


4550480181295 – For Women – Check – 180cm x 30cm


Click to shop online: https://shop.daisosingapore.com.sg/products/4549131956597?_pos=1&_sid=bf48cc843&_ss=r


2.  Straw Hat 


Worried about the sunny weather? Fret not! Get affordable and stylish hats for men and women here at Daiso!

Simply too cute and can be easily paired with any outfit! 👒 From caps to bucket hats to straw hats! Different selections are available.



Product Codes for Straw Hat


4549131956597 – Hand Knit Style Ribbon Hat 


Click to shop online: https://shop.daisosingapore.com.sg/products/4549131956597?_pos=1&_sid=bf48cc843&_ss=r


3.  Travel Bottles 


Nothing is more essential than our very own skin care needs when traveling! Get your travel bottles ready with Daiso.

Our travel bottles are conveniently packed in a set for you, making it much easier to grab and go! Looking for individual bottles?

We have it too! From bottle to pump and spray, everything is set! ✈️



Product Codes for Travel Bottles 


4549131689921 – Refill Container Set Case 


Click to shop online: https://shop.daisosingapore.com.sg/products/4549131689921?_pos=1&_sid=6cb60a9d4&_ss=r


4.  Beach Set 


Enjoy quality time with the ones you love on a short staycation to the beach. Look no further for kids beach toys!

We have a scoop and rake set and a pair of our stylish sunglasses with 99% UV CUT technology to keep your kids eyes safe and sound.

Make your next family getaway the best one yet! 🏖️



Product Codes for Beach Set


4550480182445 – Kids Bucket – Smoky Color

4550480127118 – Scoop and Rake Set 

4550480113142 – Kids Sunglasses Flower 


Click to shop online: https://shop.daisosingapore.com.sg/collections/sctoys-for-sandbox


5.  Water Gun


Make family time fun with our water gun! Let your kids play, feeling like they’re the masters of their own kingdom.

Our water gun comes in a 3-in-1 pack! More water guns! More fun shared! We assure you that our water gun provides endless hours of outdoor fun! Don’t wait—get your very own water gun and spend quality time full of laughter! 🔫😃



Product Codes for Water Gun


4549131599275 – Water Gun 


Click to shop online: https://shop.daisosingapore.com.sg/products/4549131599275?_pos=3&_sid=715ca552e&_ss=r


6.  Hand Cream  


Keep your skin moisturized at all times with our amazing hand cream! Perfect for those winter getaways.

Our lightweight cream leaves your hands feeling soft and supple all day long! Protect your skin against the sun, so you can spend more time having fun and less time worrying about chapped hands! Soft and mild scent ~



Product Codes for Hand Cream


4940921839128 – Adlay 

4940921839135 – Milk


Click to shop online: https://shop.daisosingapore.com.sg/collections/scmoisturizing-care-products