Happy International Chef’s Day!

Happy International Chef’s Day!

Find handy, convenient and easy-to-use kitchen tools 

that will make cooking a breeze in Daiso! 

Take a look at our list and get yours today! 


   1.    Mini Handle Vegetable Cutter – It’s smiling at you!


Looking for a convenient and faster way to mince those garlic cloves? We have the cutest solution for you!

Grab one of our mini-handle vegetable cutters and easily get the job done! Simply pull, release, and repeat! ✨


Product Code for  🔍 Vegetable Cutter 

4550480251578 – Mini Handle Vegetable Cutter


   2.    Silicone Steamer – Healthy cooks with our steamer!  


Use our foldable silicone that maximizes storage spaces and also does the job perfectly, like how you’d want it to cook!

It has a little hole on top of the lid to let off the steam! Steamed vegetables, corn, chicken breast, and many more possibilities! 🌽🥦


Product Code for 🔍 Silicone Steamer 

4550480065526 – Silicone Steamer – Square – 8.66in x 5.51in

4550480065519 – Silicone Steamer – Round – 7.48in x 6.29in 


   3.    Eco Friendly Silicone Mittens – A better grip! 


Protect your hands while handling those hot pots and pans using our environmentally friendly mitts!

Made of recycled fiber! It has a silicone and line pattern for a firmer grip! 🥘


Product Code for 🔍 Oven Mitts

4550480193878 – Oven Mitt with Silicone


   4.    Strainer with Lid  Comes in set of 3 pieces! 


Looking for a wide strainer? We have those choices for you! And not only that, these strainers come in a set of three pieces, which include the strainer, tray, and lid! For washing and draining vegetables, and a lid to keep clean at all times! 🧼💧


Product Code for 🔍 Strainer with Lid 

4549131947571 – Strainer With Lid – Set of 3 Pcs


   5.    Deep Frying Pan – Coated with marble! 


Pots and pans selection you can find in Daiso for your cooking needs! Deep frying pan that is marble-coated!

It has two sizes of pans if you’re looking for a bigger alternative! 🍳


Product Code for 🔍 Frying Pan 

4549131780802 – Frying Pan Deep Marble Coating


   6.    Essential Kitchen Tools – Find all types for cooking! 


Essential kitchen tools that you may need for frying, stirring, scooping, and more! These kitchen tools are made of silicone and nylon, and they have a hook so you can simply hang them over the stove! Silicone material has a tip at the bottom so it won’t touch the tabletop! 🍲


Product Code for 🔍 Kitchen Tools 

4994163293231 – Nero Series – Turner 

4994163293248 – Nero Series – Spatula 

4550480056104 – Silicone – Ladle 

4550480055817 – Silicone – Cooking Spoon