Buy your Party Needs Here!

Buy your Party Needs Here!

Let’s Party Together With Daiso! 🥳


We have plenty of party needs here! From decorations 

to tableware and more! Find the suitable decoration that 

will suit your party theme now! 🎉



   1.    Cracker POP! – What’s a party without a party popper!


What’s a party without a fun POP to it! Get an awesome closure of the party with party crackers you can find in Daiso!


Product Code for 🔍Cracker 

4550480234779 – Cracker -A- 

4550480234762 – Cracker -B-


   2.    Glitter Decoration Shapes – Simply paste it all over the room!


Glitter decoration all over the walls? YES, please! Simple decorations that will liven up the vibe of the party!

Simply paste it anywhere you want it! Hearts and stars shaped available!


Product Code for 🔍Glitter Decoration 

4550480214344 – Glitter Heart Decoration Pink – 12pcs

4550480214337 – Glitter Heart Decoration – Gold and Silver – 12pcs

4997642135916 – Glitter Star Decoraion – Silver – 12 pcs


   3.    Pastel Balloon with Pump – An essential need for party!


Balloons are a necessity for any party occasion where you can find a range of it from Daiso!

Pastel colours, pearl, bright, design and many more! We also have the balloon pump as well making preparation a breeze for you.


Product Code for 🔍Balloons 

4940921837162 – Air Pump – with 2 needle types 

4549892412387 – Pastel Balloon – 9inch – 20pcs


   4.    4 Mini Film Balloons – A value pack balloon deal!


Get these value mini film balloon pack! Stars and hearts design! Straw provided in pack!

Insert the straw in the balloon and blow and you’ll get yourself a cute decoration for the party!


Product Code for  🔍Film Balloon 

4550480030449 – 4 mini star balloons 

4550480030432 – 4 mini heart balloons


   5.    Ring Garland – Japanese traditional deco!


More hanging decorations? We have it! Look no more other than these Japanese traditional ring garlands!

Double sided design so you can never go wrong! Suitable for any types of events!


Product Code for 🔍Ring Garland 

4997642153514 – Ring Garland Basic (90 sheets)


   6.    Party Tableware – Cute design for cup and paper plates!


Get your party tablewares no where other than Daiso where we have plenty of cute designs and colours

to match with your theme party! Paper plates, cups, utensils and more!


Product Code for 🔍Party Tableware’s 

4549131302806 – Paper Plates with Polka Dots – 8.8in – 10 Pieces

4549131302813 – Paper Plates with Stripes – 7.09in – 12 Pieces

4549131302820 – Paper Plates with Polka Dots – 7.09in – 12 Pieces