5 Items You Can Get For Father’s Day

5 Items You Can Get For Father’s Day

Thinking of getting a gift for Father’s Day? Here are some items you can get for your beloved father out there to thank him for all the hard work he has done.


1. Car Cleaning Necessities


We have all the cleaning necessities he would need for his favourite car. Get cleaning brushes of various types and sizes for him to easily reach every little corner. Make washing and cleaning so easy and hassle-free to keep his car clean and protected! A clean car makes a happy dad everyday!



Product Codes:

4979909902219 – Small Curved Brush

4979909902172 – Medium Flat Brush

4979909902189 – Long Sponge Brush

4549892459320 – Car Deodorizer (White)

4549892459313 – Car Deodorizer (Black)


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2. Workout Essentials


Find the best fitness equipment for the wellness-loving dads in your life. There are so much to choose from with our extended range of workout essentials. We have water dumbbells, skipping ropes, sports related games, muscles training tools and many more! Stay fit and healthy with a simple yet rewarding exercise routine!



Product Codes:

4977498011527 – Water Dumbbell (Blue)

4549131775969 – Skipping Rope (Blue)

4940921827323 – Ping Pong Set

459131132854 – Resistance Band (Orange)


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3. DIY Tools


Get some new tools for your crafty dad. If your dad likes doing DIY stuff and to build all sorts of things during his pastime, this is for him. We have extended our range of DIY tools for you to choose from! Spanner of different sizes, screwdrivers, holders, screws, nails and many more! Get him tinkering away around the house with new unique crafts!



Product Codes:

4549131899504 – Small Screwdriver Set

4549131174700 – Small Flathead Screw

4549131174748 – Long Flathead Screw (Blue & Red)

4979909939697 – 17mm Wrench

4979909939666 – 13mm Wrench

4979909939635 – 8mm Wrench


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4. Fishing Accessories


Love fishing? Plan a fishing date with your lovely dad for a good bonding time together! Get fishing accessories like fish baits, fish gears, fishing nets, fishing sinkers, fishing line cutters and other accessories that he may need. Get geared and have a great catch for the weekend!



Product Codes:

4549131463613 – All 3 Fish Baits

4549131606409 – Fish Gear (Blue Box)

4549892410246 – Small Fishing Net


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5. Miniature Vehicle Displays


Add more to your dad’s miniature vehicle collection! Miniature cars, scooters, aeroplanes of various designs and colours! Top them up with a display box if you need to bring the smile in him as he mesmerizes his childhood memories.



Product Codes:

4550480001906 – Miniature Black Scooter

4550480001883 – Miniature Aeroplane (Green & Silver)

4550480001920 – Miniature Car (Orange & Blue)

4965534187619 – Miniature Crates (Dark Brown)

4965534115636 – Miniature Figure Racks


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Still not sure what to give your dad?

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