Elevate your Gifting skills with Daiso! 🎁

Elevate your Gifting skills with Daiso! 🎁

Wide Range of Gift Items in Daiso! 🎁    


Take a look at our gifts and wrapping category to 

elevate your gifting for loved ones this Christmas season! 


   1.    Animal Series – Cute animals print designs! 



Not just cute, but SUPER cute! 😍 Our animal series gifts will definitely steal your heart. 💖

Cute designs and colours that just pops! Give your loved ones something to smile about.


Product Code for 🔍Animal Theme 

4549131901634 – Paper Box – Cat Day 

4549131906301 – Paper Box – Pancake 3P 

4549131595703 – Gift Bag With Gusset(Relief 23.5X13X8Cm 8Sheets)

4550480291062 – Gift Bag – Animal Pop – 18cm x 22cm 

4550480384337 – Plastic Gift Bag – Animal – 58cm x 40cm 

4550480177120 – Wrapping paper-Pop animal 2.29ft x 1.80ft


   2.    Aurora Seal Bags – It looks so glam! For gifts or business!



These cute and sparkling bags feature a holographic, aurora seal finish, making them look magical and unique.

Perfect for small gifts like keychains, earrings, or candies. Versatile enough for both personal and business use. 🤩🙌


Product Code for 🔍Aurora Seal Bags 

4550480219967 – Aurora Seal Bag – 7.28in x 4.72in x 1.96in – Gusseted 

4550480219974 – Aurora Gift Bag – 7.08in x 4.72in 

4997642166149 – Aurora Tie 100Pcs 0.15In X 4.72In 4Mm X 120Mm

   3.    Heart Series – Express your love through gifting! 



For couples out there! Get your ideal romantic gift bags from Daiso for this Christmas season.

Express your love through gifting! Such a sweet and thoughtful gift for a long lasting memory! 🎁


Product Code for 🔍Heart Series 

4997642115208 – Clear Shaped Bag SS

4549131658620 – Tetra Bag with Window Blossom 

4549131747423 – Clear Gusset Bag 

4550480016702 – Mini Hand Bag


   4.    Lacey Themes Bags – Elegant and sweet designs!



Be ready to ‘wow’ with your Christmas presents this year! Our Lace Themes Drawstring Bags adds that

touch of elegance and charm your gifts need. 🌷 Gift-giving just got a whole lot prettier! 🤩🎁


Product Code for 🔍 Lace Theme 

4997642114775 – Frost Plastic Bag with Bottom Gusset Feminine 

4997642111071 – Clear Plastic Bag With Sticker  

4997642123258 – Drawstring Plastic Bag With Bottom Gusset Lace 

4997642162660 – Drawstring Gift Bag 40

   5.    Food Gift Bags – Store all your sweet treats here! 



These boxes and bags are perfect for door gifts at parties, holidays and birthdays!

These are designed to safely store your sweet treats for loved ones! 🍭🍪🍩 Each bag has ample space for you to store your treats! 


Product Code for 🔍Food Theme 

4997642141016 – Box for sweets HM 3P 

4997642141030 – Gift Box 3Pcs 

4997642141047 – Gift Box Hm 2Pcs 

4997642123074 – Frost Plastic Bag for Sweets – Cafe 

4997642122985 – Clear Shaped Bag Bottle 8 Pcs  

4997642123159 – Clear Aluminum Zip Bag 

4549131921373 – Die cut clear bags-Strawberry 8P



   6.    The Extra Topper – Final and special touch for your gifts!



How do you jazz up your gift? Through wrapping toppers! Ribbons, felts, stickers and many more!

It’s that extra touch that will make your gift stands out even more and unique! Add a personal touch to the gifts! 🎁


Product Code for 🔍Wrapping Toppers 

4997642168259 – Double sided satin ribbon Nuance  

4550480312354 – Single-Sided Satin Ribbon – Nuance Color with Letter 

4903409158685 – Flake Felt Set 

4549131589405 – Wrapping Seal 

4550480203249 – Wrapping sticker-Flower hot stamping 

4550480340906 – Sponge Sticker Heart 

4550480340876 – Sponge Sticker Star Monotone 

4550480340876 – Sponge Sticker Star Monotone 

4550480079028 – Paper Raffia – Natural Color 2 Colors Each Color 

4550480079035 – Paper Raffia – Pastel Color 2 Colors Each Color