• q_mark Will I receive an E-Invoice if I were to make a purchase?

    No, we do not provide E-Invoice for our official receipt.

  • q_mark Does DAISO accept credit cards?

    We do not accept credit cards. However, we do have Contactless Payment like NETS and Paylah to make your purchases more smooth and convenient!

  • q_mark Do you have an online store? Will you open an online store?

    Unfortunately, DAISO Singapore and THREEPPY currently do not have any online store nor are we affiliated with any E-Commerce platform. We do not do online order through email as well.

    We apologize for the inconvenience caused and seek your understanding in this matter.

  • q_mark Where are the DAISO stores?

    We currently have 20 DAISO and 3 THREEPPY stores in Singapore, located at strategic locations.
    Please refer to our Store Location page for more information.

  • q_mark What are your store opening hours?

    Our opening hours are 10AM – 10PM daily, including Public Holidays.
    However, we might have different operating schedule during the Chinese New Year festive season. Information will be released near the date of events.

  • q_mark Can I check the current stock for a product?

    Yes. Please provide us with the barcode of the item when you enquire to us.
    Please note that we can only check the stock for the specific branch you called to. (e.g We can only check for Branch A if you called to Branch A.)

  • q_mark What if I don’t have a barcode?

    We will try our best to help but we might not be able to give you the exact information as we have over 70,000 products range in our shop. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

  • q_mark Why are some items always out of stock?

    There are multiple reasons why some items are always out of stock:
    - Some of the items are seasonal items, which may not always be available.
    - Some items arrive in the store in different packaging therefore the old stock may be unavailable.
    Do not worry, we will keep bringing new products to give fun and surprise to our customers!

  • q_mark The items that I want are out of stock. Do you know when they will come?

    Unfortunately, we are unable to give the exact timing as there are circumstances which can cause delivery delays.
    Seasonal items usually come in limited quantity as well.
    You can call us to check back on the stock of your items after a period of time as your items might be stocked by then!

  • q_mark Can I purchase items in large quantity (bulk orders)?

    We are only able to reserve the items that you requested if we have the stock in our stores upon your call. We are sorry to inform you that we do not take bulk orders in advance.

  • q_mark Can I get discount if I purchase more than XX amount of quantity?

    No, we do not have discount for all of our products.

  • q_mark Can you reserve some items for me?

    Yes, we can reserve the items for you if we have the stock at that moment.
    However, you must collect your items within 3 days of reservation at the DAISO store you have called to.
    Exceptions for this case includes Seasonal Items, they are only available on first come first served basis.

  • q_mark Can you help me collect items from other stores so I can buy them all together in one place?

    We are very sorry to inform you that we do not transfer stocks from one store to another. You have to collect and purchase them at different store branches.

Exchange Items

  • q_mark Can I return the items that I’ve bought if I change my mind?

    Yes, on terms and conditions. All exchanges are subject to inspection prior exchanging. Please refer to our exchange policy below.

    2. All items sold are non-refundable.
    3. Only items in original packaging, in good condition and with the official receipt provided may be exchanged.
    4. Barcode Number not stated in the receipt cannot be exchanged.
    5. The following items are strictly non exchangeable: All food items, undergarments, socks, stockings, pet products, CDs,cosmetics (e.g. make up for eye, cheek, lips), comb, supporter, toiletries, winter apparels and batteries.)
    7. Receipts cannot be re-issued after point of purchase.
    8. In the event of a conflict, the decision of the DAISO management will be final.

    We seek your understanding and co-operation.

  • q_mark How to exchange the items I’ve bought?

    You may visit any of the Daiso Stores located throughout Singapore with the item that you want to exchange and original receipt. Once we’ve checked the item, you may proceed to get another item to exchange 1-To-1.